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Re: LS and TAR don't see any file permissions (

Eric Blake <eblake <at>> writes:

> On 03/04/2011 11:12 AM, Peter Binney wrote:
> > When running "ls -l" the permissions field shows as "----------+".
> Which means that the owner has no permissions, but that there are ACLs
> which allow others permissions.  Not entirely unusual, given Windows'
> ability to create files with a different owner than the current user,
> while allowing the current user to access the file (typically when done
> to places like the desktop, and caused by inheritance ACLs present on
> the directory where the problematic file is being created in the first
> place).
> > Oddly, "ls -l" shows the correct permissions if the pathname uses the
> > windows drive letter syntax. eg:
> > 
> > $ pwd
> > /cygdrive/c
> > $ ls -l tmp/plb.txt
> > ----------+ 1 ga2binn Domain Users 5527 Mar  3 13:54 tmp/plb.txt
> > $ ls -l c:/tmp/plb.txt
> > -rw-r--r-- 1 ga2binn Domain Users 5527 Mar  3 13:54 c:/tmp/plb.txt
> That's because using a dos-style path disregards ACL parsing, and fakes
> the permission bits instead.  The + shows that ACLs are present, and
> 'getfacl tmp/plb.txt' will show you the difference between the owner and
> your permissions.
> > Similarly, TAR images have no permissions on the files contained. eg:
> > 
> > $ pwd
> > /cygdrive/c/tmp
> > $ tar cf - plb.txt | tar vtf -
> > ---------- ga2binn/Domain Users 5527 2011-03-03 13:54 plb.txt
> Here, the problem is that tar doesn't preserve ACLs by default, so the
> original POSIX mode (000) is preserved while the ACLs are lost,
> resulting in an truly inaccessible file (note that there is no longer a
> + in the listing).
> > 
> > Even more oddly, this behaviour (both LS and TAR) occurs on a new PC
> > that I am moving to.
> That's another big case where the user ids on the old pc do not
> correpsond to the user ids on the new pc; copying preserved the old user
> id, but gave ACL access to the new user, resulting in odd permissions.

Many thanks indeed for that info, Eric.

I know it's not a Cygwin issue, but can you suggest an easy way to get
miserable Windows to copy files to a new machine in a way that does
give the current user ownership (ideally using some normal-ish Windows

I tried using Windows Explorer copies and Winzip-ed .zip archives -
both end up with the problem below.

I have done this before when transferring PC's, but then I would have
been the same user on both, Here I am also moving to a different
domain\username on the new PC.


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