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Re: How do I make a COM port in windows accessible using cygwin?

On 3/17/2011 08:22, Vinod Pillai wrote:
> Vaclav Haisman wrote:
>> Vinod Pillai wrote, On 15.3.2011 21:03:
>>> Im sorry but Im a complete novice at this. I cd-ed into the /dev folder.
>>> But
>>> I could not find a ttyS1. If you could elaborate what exactly I must do,
>>> it
>>> would be helpful. Thank you.
>> Read the page I have linked: "These devices cannot be seen with the
>> command
>> ls /dev/ although commands such as ls /dev/tty work fine."
> When I typed ls /dev/tty, I did not get any response. Any other possible
> solutions

The command ls /dev/tty works for me:

$ ls -l /dev/tty
crw--w---- 1 jeremyb Domain Users 5, 0 Mar 17 08:43 /dev/tty

Even if the path you attempted to use didn't exist, you should have got
/some/ response:

$ ls /dev/nonexistent
ls: cannot access /dev/nonexistent: No such file or directory

Can you provide more details about what exactly happened when you tried
to run your command?


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