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Re: ITP dos2unix 5.2.1-1

On 03/17/2011 02:32 PM, Charles Wilson wrote:

Dropped cygwin-apps.

Erwin, you don't seem to understand the importance of not changing
current behavior, when replacing existing apps.  I'm trying to point out
(a) how little your proposed package actually differs from the current
cygutils implementations, and (b) what needs to change to make the new
version a drop-in replacement.

Because that's what you're trying to do: make a drop in replacement.

Regardless of whether some current behavior of cygutils-dos2unix is good
or bad, CHANGE is worse -- since people have been relying on the current
behavior for years.

Hi Chuck,

I do understand you very well, but I come from the other side. The dos2unix that I packed and maintain is around on Unix/Linux since 1989. I assume there are much more Linux users than Cygwin users. So I don't want to break things on Linux. Since Cygwin tries to be Linux-alike, I offer this package to the cygwin community. Personally I prefer to have the same on Cygwin as on Linux. The cygwin community may have got used to the current cygwin tailored implementation. But I bet there are many cygwin users who also work on Linux, so there is a big chance they are already familiar with the version I maintain.


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