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Re: ITP dos2unix 5.2.1-1

On 03/17/2011 03:56 PM, Erwin Waterlander wrote:
Op 17-3-2011 17:57, Charles Wilson schreef:
Final point: I realize nobody wants to maintain a non-upstreamable
forked version of software.  Everybody wants to be able to build
software on cygwin out of the box.

So...if the upstream people really really hate --follow/--no-follow and
won't accept it, then maybe an all-at-once change here on cygwin would
be okay.  Ditto --safe.

But...that's not an issue here, because *you* are the "upstream people"!

So let's rephrase: What is the "upstream" objection to providing a few
new options, with no change in upstream's current default behavior:

    --follow    follow symbolic links and modify the pointed-to
                    file. This differs from --force, which breaks
                    the symbolic link, replaces it with a local
                    copy, and modifies the copy. If --force, then
                    --follow has no effect.

    --no-follow    do not follow symbolic links.  If --force, then
                    --no-follow has no effect.
    --safe          Do not modify binary files; opposite of --force.

Time to create the patch?  Patch requires too many internal changes that
are too ugly, due to internal architecture (can't imagine this is the
objection to --safe; that's a two-liner)?  Style?

Hi Chuck,

I'm willing to maintain patches for Cygwin, to make the transition easier. But if there is no chance that the package gets accepted, I rather save myself the trouble.

My 2cents worth: I for one look forward to the new package. All of the software we develop runs on both platforms and I personally use the dos2unix, etc tools often. Same tools on both platforms gets my vote anytime.
roger wells

best regards,


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