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Problems with terminal doesn't display visual elements properly


I need some help.
My terminal started with a very strange behavior today.
Many programs are not displaying correctly and I don't know why.

I uploaded this picture:
The two windows at the top are displaying the "nano" and "top"
programs using putty.
The two windows at the bottom are displaying the same programs using
cygwin, respectively.

As you can see, the visual of the applications is different, and that's not all.
I'm really not able to work with these applications because of this
problem. Actually, any visual enhancement is not working properly.
Even grep with --color option isn't working correctly.

In the image, both programs are connected to the same server thru ssh,
so IMO the problem is not related with server configuration or any
tool specific setting.
The problem also occurs when using cygwin in the local machine.

I'm almost sure the problem is related with the dos emulator, but I
don't have an idea whats wrong.
The problem started when I did the last cygwin update (but I also
updated many programs in the machine together, so I don't know if
cygwin caused this).

Does anybody have guess?

Any help is appreciated.
Diego Queiroz

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