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Re: ITP dos2unix 5.2.1-1

On 3/18/2011 2:47 AM, Erwin Waterlander wrote:
> I will create a branch for cygwin. I think that for temporary and
> redundant options it may be better  to silently accept them and not
> document them.

We are still not communicating.

I do NOT propose that the new options -- whether you call the redundant
or not -- be temporary or cygwin specific.  I propose that they be
adopted, wholesale, for all platforms.  I think the --follow option is a
valuable alternate behavior that is different and distinct from anything
the current option set allows.

I believe --no-follow and --safe, being opposites of the new option and
and existing option, respectively, are necessary for proper CLI design.
 Just like rm has both -i and -f.

The ONLY part that I propose be temporary, and /NOT/ be committed to any
source repository anyway, and simply carried as part of the cygwin
packaging until no longer needed, is the bit that switches the default
behavior on cygwin from --no-follow (as everywhere else) to --follow.

> Existing scripts will not break, but usage of temporary
> options is discouraged and it saves work on translations. Usage of such
> an option may even trigger a warning that it will be removed in a future
> release. Then people have time to adapt.

Since I propose that the new options all stay, and propagate, I realize
this means extra translation work.  I'm not qualified for that, but I
CAN cut-n-paste in all the translations those that correspond to new
lines of code which were themselves cut-n-pasted from existing lines of
code (several of the "new" error messages are cut-n-paste like this).  I
didn't have time to do this last night, and I can't help with the
entirely new tranlatable strings, but I figured code first, .pot files

In discussing these:
ignore the fact that some were developed to mimic cygutils' existing

Some are just plan bugfixes (01, 02).

One (05) is an attempt to make the code flow in *NewFile() and
*OldFile() similar (and bugfix: set error retval even when Quiet, if
there's an error).

The rest (03, 04, 06-08) add new and IMO valuable options to the
dos2unix package without changing current behavior.

Don't bother with a special cygwin-only branch.  Let's just discuss
these patches, for trunk, on their own merits.

BTW, do you have a more appropriate forum for those discussions, than
this mailing list?  A dedicated list or something?

> Useful options will end up in trunk. In the end there will be a single
> source for Cygwin and Linux, and both will take advantage of it.

As I said, I see no need for a branch, that differs from trunk only by:
-  pFlag->Follow = 0;
+  pFlag->Follow = 1;
in two places.

>> With regards to the d2u/u2d aliases, for now I'd just modify the cygport
>> script to create those as hardlinks, and not modify or patch the package
>> source at all.
>> Standby...
> Do you want d2u/u2d to run conv, or the new dos2unix/unix2dos?

The new versions.


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