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last snapshot (2011-03-18)

This follows

You say "change it back" as if that was the only change.  It wasn't.
The meaning changed in recent snapshots.
In fact, i created a snapshot 20110313++, where the only change wrt 20110313
was to replace 31*1024*1024 with PREFERRED_IO_BLKSIZE.

Ok, the snapshot 20110313 failed with "File too large" on some machine (even
the command `cat /dev/zero | wc` failed with that message), but i'm still
not convinced that it is not BLODA's fault:
- i have McAfee installed (cannot uninstall, sorry)
- the failure was intermittent:
  - cat /dev/zero | wc always failed
  - cat file-of-32-Mb | wc: almost always failed
  - cat file-of-31-Mb | wc: failed less often
  - cat file-of-30-Mb | wc: failed about 50% of the time
  - smaller files: never failed
- it never failed on a similar Windows XP (with more or less similar BLODA),
  i mean even with `cat /dev/zero | wc`

Therefore, we definitely need more opinions.

I've installed the last snapshot (2011-03-18 10:29:21) on both machines, no problems until now.

Denis Excoffier.

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