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last snapshot (2011-03-13)

This follows

Maybe it has something to do with the nonpaged pool size? MSDN states:

 "Every time a named pipe is created, the system creates the inbound
  and/or outbound buffers using nonpaged pool, which is the physical
  memory used by the kernel.  [...]
  The input and output buffer sizes are advisory. The actual buffer
  size reserved for each end of the named pipe is either the system
  default, the system minimum or maximum, or the specified size rounded
  up to the next allocation boundary. The buffer size specified should
  be small enough that your process will not run out of nonpaged pool,
  but large enough to accommodate typical requests."

We could be in the right direction: i've open "Task manager" on both machines and the non-failing one has "Nonpaged=98Mb" and the failing one has "Nonpaged=36Mb" (only). Of course, these values are constantly moving, but seem to remain within an interval of a few Mb.

Denis Excoffier.

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