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Re: last snapshot (2011-03-13)

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 05:43:40PM +0100, EXCOFFIER Denis wrote:
>This follows
>> Maybe it has something to do with the nonpaged pool size?  MSDN states:
>>  "Every time a named pipe is created, the system creates the inbound
>>   and/or outbound buffers using nonpaged pool, which is the physical
>>   memory used by the kernel.  [...]
>>   The input and output buffer sizes are advisory. The actual buffer
>>   size reserved for each end of the named pipe is either the system
>>   default, the system minimum or maximum, or the specified size rounded
>>   up to the next allocation boundary. The buffer size specified should
>>   be small enough that your process will not run out of nonpaged pool,
>>   but large enough to accommodate typical requests."
>We could be in the right direction: i've open "Task manager" on both
>machines and the non-failing one has "Nonpaged=98Mb" and the
>failing one has "Nonpaged=36Mb" (only). Of course, these values are
>constantly moving, but seem to remain within an interval of a few Mb.

Sorry.  The lack of threading and over-cutting of comments has me a
little confused.  AFAICT, we're now responding to my comment:

>On Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:31:15 -0400 cgf wrote:
>>I suppose that was because the buffer size was too large for their
>>system to handle.

Or, are you saying that you still see failures when setting the buffer
size down to 64K?

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