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Re: last snapshot (2011-03-13)

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 07:39:39PM +0100, Denis Excoffier wrote:
>Le 18 mars 2011 ? 19:02, Christopher Faylor a ?crit :
>>Or, are you saying that you still see failures when setting the buffer
>>size down to 64K?
>With a buffer 64k all is fine.  With a buffer 31*1024*1024, that's
>different.  It seems that all pipes open at the same time add their
>buffers up to an upper limit (the nonpaged value) which cannot be

Ok, if I'm reading this right, you're saying that the current snapshot
works.  I'm looking for verification of that.  I understood why the
previous snapshot probably wasn't working when I first responded today.
We don't need to rehash that.

>Now, i suppose that with a 64k buffer, you would not be able to exceed  
>98Mb/64kb=1568 open pipes at the
>same time.

Since the allocation of the buffer is now no longer different than
previous versions of 1.7.x there shouldn't be any new behavior wrt the
memory set aside for pipes.  Cygwin should now just work around the
potential for seeing ERROR_NO_SYSTEM_RESOURCES when writing large


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