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Re: Cygwin (1.7.8 and other versions) problems with globbing when invoked from DOS/Windows with nested quotes

On 3/18/2011 2:39 PM, Alex Khripin wrote:

Short summary: getting nested quotes in an argument through to a
Cygwin process from DOS is problematic, and there does not seem to be
any detailed spec for how to escape quotes correctly. Backslash
characters seem to be spuriously generated.

If you're using a native Windows 'make' with a Cywgin shell, you're better off making your tools consistent. Quoting mechanisms for Windows do not align with those used by Cygwin/Linux/Unix, so things are already problematic. Passing in a DOS path to a Cygwin shell and expecting the output to be properly quoted for a Windows version of 'make' is just asking for trouble. So I'd recommend staying on one side of the fence or the other if you want to minimize headaches.



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