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Re: How to setup cygwin to use always textmode

On 18 March 2011 16:48, ralf wrote:
> Eric Blake writes:
>> But you didn't need the setup.exe radio button to get the same effect,
>> instead, just change your mounts manually (/etc/fstab) to set the
>> text-mode mount flag on the subset of directories where it matters to you.
> In releases with this radio button files with windows filenames were opened as
> text-files like files which were on a filesystem with text-mode mount flag. Now
> they are always opened as binary files. I have no chance to open a file with
> windows-filename as text-file. This "feature" (open-mode of files with
> windows-filenames) has been lost, or do I misunderstand something?

Yep, looks like you're right:

"When accessing files using native Win32 paths as above, Cygwin uses a
default setting for the mount flags. All paths using DOS notation will
be treated as caseinsensitive, and permissions are just faked as if
the underlying drive is a FAT drive."

Perhaps it should pick up the textmode at least from the cygdrive mount?


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