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How to reinvent /usr/bin/find in cygwin/gnu/gnat Ada?

Darn! I forgot to switch to plain text again before I sent this out the
first time. I'm sending this out again in plain text. I apologize if it
appears twice.

I want to recursively crawl a directory tree on windows using
cygwin/gnu/ada. I'm not sure if I should use the unix function opendir
(and friends) or the windows functions FindFirstFile and FindNextFile.
Maybe the opendir would be preferable since it would be portable.

Can someone point me to some examples of cygwin/ada programs calling
Win32 functions like FindFirstFile/FindNextFile that pass a struct like
Can someone point me to some examples of cygwin/ada programs calling a
standard function like opendir?

I found examples of calling C functions I have written from ada where I
had the .o files from the g++ compiler. I also got an example working of
ada calling c++ functions (I wrote) compiled in a DLL where I had the
.lib file from MSVC. (Actually, it looks like ada does not need the .lib
file like the MSVC linker does -- interesting. But I still need to know
the name of the DLL.)

I'm not sure of the names of the DLL files, lib files or .o files for
calling opendir (and friends like readdir) or FindFirstFile/FindNextFile
from ada because I don't know what to google search for.

Can someone point me to some examples?

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