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RE: Slight issue in base-files-4.0-6

>>> Basically, the escapes aren't working right (in XWindows at the very least).
>>> So I have now changed it to say:
>>> ? case "${KSH_VERSION}" in
>>> ? *MIRBSD*KSH* )
>>> ? ? PS1=$(print '^[]0;${PWD}\n^[[32m${USER}@${HOSTNAME}
>>> ^[[33m${PWD/${HOME}/~}^[[0m\n$ ')
>>> ? ? ;;
>>> ? *PD*KSH* )
>>> ? ? PS1=$(print '^[]0;${PWD}\n^[[32m${USER}@${HOSTNAME} 
>>> ^[[33m${PWD}^[[0m\n$
>>> ')
>>> ? ? ;;
>>> ? esac
>>> Please note, ^[ means I have done CTRL-V + ESC.
>>> Also, MKSH and PDKSH need different settings, as PDKSH doesn't seem 
>>> to have the ${name/pattern/replacement} syntax.
>> Although pdksh is still installable using setup.exe, it is officially 
>> orphaned and upstream development ceased a long ago (5.2.14 is from 
>> Jul '99, and cygwin's
>> 5.2.14-3 is from Dec '03).
>> If you want to use a ksh derivative, you are probably better switching 
>> to mksh, which is actively mantained.
>> IOW, /etc/profile no longer supports pdksh. If you want to keep using 
>> it, you'll need to explicitely add support for it (as you've done 
>> already).
>Agreed, however, the point about properly escaping the PS1 fields still holds for mksh.  I hadn't noticed because I have my own custom .mshrc that sets PS1.

Don't really mind. Just felt that whilst people could still install pdksh it should work for that too.
Then when pdksh gets pulled off the install list properly, it could go from profile file then (it's only a case tweak in the mean time anyway).

BTW, I have a side issue which is when mksh installs it doesn't make a ksh link, which means scripts with #!/usr/bin/ksh stop working.
That said, to be honest, I'm trying to move things to bash anyway :-)


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