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need help porting an open source project to Windows/Cygwin

I am the facilitator for the SIMPL open source project 
(  The SIMPL toolkit project started over 10 
years ago as a way to bring Send/Receive/Reply (QNX style) messaging
to Linux.   A SIMPL application consists of two or more interacting
SIMPL modules.  Those modules can be written in any number of
languages including Python, C, C++, JAVA, Tcl/Tk and soon PHP.
Modules written in different languages can be mixed in a SIMPL
application.  SIMPL modules can be distributed on a single node or spread 
across a network often without even a recompile.   Until now a SIMPL network 
had to contain at least one Linux node.

This is about to change.   Recently work (
simpl.self.html) has allowed the SIMPL core library (POSIX C) to be 
successfully compiled and run on a Mac.   We'd love to do the same with 
Windows/Cygwin.   The ultimate goal is to be able to generate three core 
libraries from the single SIMPL codebase:  Linux, Mac and Windows.   
Unfortunately with our Linux heritage we don't have a lot of Windows 
expertise in the SIMPL project.    That is where you come in.  If anyone 
would like to help with this effort don't hesitate to contact me offlist or 
make contact on the SIMPL project mailing list.


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