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Re: Spurious "Connection reset by peer" problems anybody?

On Mon, 21 Feb 2011 11:43:52 Corinna Vinschen wrote:

over the weekend I came across a description of a Windows socket problem which might affect some of us. Fortunately I also came across the potential solution.

My question is, does anybody have a scenario in which he or she
encounters weird "Connection reset by peer" or "Software caused
connection abort" messages in Cygwin, possibly at the end of a
connection attempt?

Only just joined the list specifically to reply about this.

On Windows 7 running rsync over ssh to a UNIX server I am repeatedly getting the "connection reset by peer" error, causing rsync to fail. The error occurs regularly but at inconsistent intervals. In an attempt to get around it I wrote a rsync retry script, but even setting the number of retries the script makes for each of the half-dozen rsync commands to 10 does not guarantee success. I was beginning to look for another Win 7 rsync/ssh solution when I decided to check the mailing list archives.

Has there been progress with this over the last few weeks? Rsycing to the same UNIX server from my Linux machine is always fine though that enjoys significantly faster bandwidth than the Win 7 PC (although that has a decent ADSL connection, note that the Win 7 PC is not using wireless).

Is there anything I can try to resolve this as a working cygwin/rsync/ssh solution looks like my ideal scenario. Cygwin newbie, but technically proficient software engineer.



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