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Re: CYGWIN setup home directorys for users

* Dale Harrison (Wed, 23 Mar 2011 08:29:56 +0000)
> When creating a user inside CYGWIN using "net user *username* /add",
> could someone tell me the command that I can type to set the home
> directory the user is to land into when the connect?

Sorry, you got it completely wrong. You cannot add a user "inside 
Cygwin". "Net user" is a Windows commmand and it allows you to set the 
home directory: <
> When the user is added inside CYGWIN it duly gets added to the Windows
> users,

It's actually the other way round. And you have to use mkpasswd to 
update Cygwin's passwed.

> but it changing the home directory in the Windows user properties
> doesn't affect where the user lands, currently I have to go into the
> "/etc/passwd" file

It should (see /etc/profile)

> and edit the bit at the end of the user's config to
> "cygdrive/c/wherever" - is there a CYGWIN command line I can use at
> time of user creation to set the home directory?

man mkpasswd


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