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Re: cyggfortran-3.dll broken ?

On 23/03/2011 16:36, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Is there a way to add symbol forwarding in GCC?  There's some method of
> forwarding symbol references to other DLLs and it's used in Windows
> itself to forward symbol references to other DLLs.  

  Yes, was using that just the other day myself, to build a replacement ws2_32
dll consisting entirely of forwarders to the real dll with a handful of new

  So, we could in theory replace the old entries in libgfortran with
forwarding entries that point to the newly-available cygwin dll
implementations and that would allow old programs to link.

  I think however I might wait 48 hours and see how many people complain and
how big a problem this is.  If Marco only has a handful of Octave users, it
might be easiest to just do the transition once and for all and get it over with.

(*) - If anyone wants to run the Android emulator on win2k, drop me a line

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