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Re: cyggfortran-3.dll broken ?

On 23/03/2011 16:35, Charles Wilson wrote:

> I think it would just take a few statements in a .def file like
>   carg   = CYGWIN1.carg
>   cargf  = CYGWIN1.cargf
>   ccos   = CYGWIN1.ccos
> but I'm not sure...

  Yes, that's basically it (or equivalent in a .directve section), but,
indeed, as you point out:

> And, of course, the process of building gcc runtime libraries is a
> "adding blah to a .def file" may be harder than it
> sounds.

  Nah, it's only libtool and autoconf, nothing to be scared of!

>  And if you DO it this way, I'm pretty sure ld will go ahead and
> create import entries in the .dll.a for them.

  Yes, that's what we'd want to happen isn't it?  The import stub imports the
symbol from libgfortran, the runtime loader finds it in libgfortran and
performs the forwarding, everything Just Works.  No?

> Or is it simply time to bump the DLL number for cygwin's gfortran runtime?

  Urgh.  Don't want to diverge our DLL numbers from upstream if at all possible.


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