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Re: IFS not fixing carriage returns

On 3/25/2011 11:35 AM, Tim McDaniel wrote:
> I have tried Googling for info on this, but there are a lot of false
> hits ...
> [...]
> Although it's not documented in "man bash" on the latest Cygwin, I did
> find "set -o igncr" and it seems to work well.
> But I'm just curious about why my first attempt didn't work.
> [...]
> Anyone have any ideas on why IFS doesn't work to deal with carriage
> returns?
> (Note that adding carriage return to IFS is still an inferior notion
> to "set -o igncr".  IFSing would effectively put a space at the end of
> each line, so I expect that
>      line arg1 arg2 arg3 \
>          arg4 arg5
> would not work.  I would also exspect here-documents like
>      some pipe <<EOF
> line1
> line2
> would need their carriage returns stripped.  In contrast, "set -o
> igncr" strips carriage returns even in these contexts, so they work
> as-is.   I'm asking about IFS merely because I'm curious.)
> might be a better place to ask questions like this.
It is essentially a question on how the bash internally works.

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