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libgfortran3 respin : status and problem

I rebuilt lapack, qrupdate, octave and netcdf with the libgfortran3-4.3.4-4.

( If you wan to try them, install with
setup.exe -X  -O -s )

lapack tests passed
netcdf also (i am not 100% sure)

but testing qrupdate I catched another problem.
The test programs go in a never ending loop:

 37   15579 [main] tch1dn_sym 4300 fhandler_tty_slave::write: (746):
tty output_mutex: waiting -1 ms
 31   15610 [main] tch1dn_sym 4300 fhandler_tty_slave::write: (746):
tty output_mutex: acquired
 33   15643 [main] tch1dn_sym 4300 fhandler_tty_slave::write: (789):
tty output_mutex released

One of the test program and strace on

Also testing octave I see a similar problem; as I doubt it is a
problem of qrupdate or octave,
I guess it is more a problem of fortran or cygwin.

I also test the 2011-03-23 cygwin dll instead of 1.7.8 one, but the
same problem is there.

Could someone give a check ?


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