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Re: ps command (process status) does not return anything anymore

On 3/28/2011 13:04, Antha Lamus wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently installed a newer version of bash and now the "ps" command
> does not issue anything anymore (return code is 128). in fact, even
> the options seem different as I don't see "-W" in the man anymore.
> also, I can pretty much issue anything I want after the ps, like "ps
> -dfiaodsfpaidfjasdfaf" and it will simply return nothing ($?=128
> still). I've tried to search through the archives but i guess "ps" is
> a bit to common!
> anybody has any idea what could have gone wrong? any place where I
> could check logs?

Your Cygwin installation is probably only partially updated, perhaps
because you had some Cygwin processes running the last time you
performed an upgrade.  Try rebooting the system to see if that clears
things up.  You can also run the following to see if any DLLs are missing:

cygcheck /usr/bin/ps

You might also need to file a more detailed report as documented here:


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