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Re: cyggfortran-3.dll broken ?

Since Dave Korn was wondering how many people this would be bothering, I'm just chiming in to say I was bitten by this too (since I both run cygwin setup less often than others and use octave less often than others, and since I'm not subscribed to the list, I'm late to the party). It was kind of baffling to have no output, error message, core dump, etc- just an immediate return regardless of what command line options I specified- and to have cygcheck say all was well with the library situation. Thankfully the thread "Octave 3.4.0 crashes silently on the latest cygwin 1.7.8 " over on the Octave mailing list came up high in search results and led to this thread.

For me, just rolling back libgfortran is fine, and though I think it's kind of rough to have such API breakage in a upgrade which doesn't change the version number at all (just the build number), I'd certainly prefer that limited development resources be spent on getting gcc 4.6 and associated binutils etc ready for prime time.

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