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Re: latest emacs, cygwin, and constant stackdumps

On 3/29/2011 8:48 AM, J. David Boyd wrote:

I'm not certain of the exact version of these, but they are the latest, as I upgrade at least once a week.

Lately, everytime I do almost anything in emacs, the terminal I started
it from shows:

[main] emacs-X11 4500 exception::handle: Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
1149 [main] emacs-X11 4500 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to emacs-X11.exe.stackdump

Any idea what might be causing this?

Everything still works fine, or seems to, but it is rather annoying...

Can you find a reliable way of reproducing this? If so, please send the recipe, including all details (what terminal you're using, exactly what keys you're pressing in emacs, etc.) Be sure to start emacs with the command 'emacs -Q' to eliminate the influence of your customizations.

And please follow the problem-reporting guidelines at

including the part about attaching cygcheck output.

Also, it might make sense to update your Cygwin installation first, since new versions of cygwin and and xorg-server were just released today.

Finally, please tell me if the problem occurs with both emacs-23.3-1 and the test release emacs-23.3-2.


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