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Re: cyggfortran-3.dll broken ?

On 29/03/2011 02:24, Daniel Jensen wrote:
> Since Dave Korn was wondering how many people this would be bothering,
> I'm just chiming in to say I was bitten by this too (since I both run
> cygwin setup less often than others and use octave less often than
> others, and since I'm not subscribed to the list, I'm late to the
> party). It was kind of baffling to have no output, error message, core
> dump, etc- just an immediate return 

  I'm sure there was an error code set in the $? shell variable, but we do
have a reporting issue there that bash doesn't always issue a message when a
process fails with an error status.

> regardless of what command line
> options I specified- and to have cygcheck say all was well with the
> library situation. 

  Yeh, this is a limitation of cygcheck; it only checks if the named DLLs are
present, not if they have all the necessary imports that the executable
actually requires.  It /could/ be added to cygcheck but would need a good deal
of extra code to be written by someone.


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