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Resetting time via time server doesn't affect cygwin 'date'

I'm running 1.7.9-1 on my 64-bit Windows 7 laptop.  I recently noticed
that my box was 15 seconds adrift from my Linux desktop.  After some
minor hassles, I was able to use Clock/Date and Time/Internet
Time/Change Settings/Update now to sync with a local ntp server, the
same one my desktop is using.  At this point the Windows clock on the
laptop and my desktop were in sync, but 'date' from a bash window was
_still_ 15 seconds out.

Is this a pervasive problem (to test this yourself, just use the
Windows UI to set your clock forward a minute, test the 'date' (it
should be as per Windows clock), then use the above path to resync
with a time server, and observe that 'date' is _not_ adjusted back),
or particular to Windows 7/Cygwin 1.7.9?

I found vsntp [1] which fixed the problem, but is as far as I can see
overkill as it's designed to fix a much more serious problem . . .


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