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Re: Resetting time via time server doesn't affect cygwin 'date'

Corinna Vinschen writes:

> There's an internal counter which is initialized by the first Cygwin
> process started in a session.  So time chanegs made by a Cygwin process
> are seen by other Cygwin processes in the same session, but time changes
> outside of Cygwin or outside of the same session are not seen, unless all
> Cygwin processes in a session are stopped and restarted.  This will be
> fixed at one point.

So running something like this

   date -s `cmd /c echo %time%`

either _ad lib_ or as a cron job every few days will limit the damage,
at the cost of losing a bit across the board each time you do it,
since the situation is _not_ symmetrical.  That is, because date -s in
Cygwin _does_ reset the windows clock. . .

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