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Re: Symlink to drive and space in directory name leads to DOS warning

On 05/02/2011 09:30 AM, Thrall, Bryan wrote:
> When I try to do a tab-completion on a directory with a space in it for the first time after starting Cygwin, I get a DOS warning even though I'm not using a DOS path. This only seems to happen when I access the directory through a symlink I have to my E: drive, like so:
> thrall@pc1163-8413-xp ~
> $ pushd ~/myuserdrv/My\ Downcygwin warning:
>   MS-DOS style path detected: ~/myuserdrv/My\ Downloads
>   Preferred POSIX equivalent is: ~/myuserdrv/My/ Downloads
>   CYGWIN environment variable option "nodosfilewarning" turns off this warning.
>   Consult the user's guide for more details about POSIX paths:

Are you using bash-completion?  If so, it's likely a bug in
bash-completion for passing an underquoted file name through the shell
such that it results in a failed globbing attempt on a literal \.

I haven't yet managed to reproduce this in my setup (perhaps I need to
double-check that my $CYGWIN hasn't already suppressed the warning?).
Maybe showing:

$ set -vx
$ pushd ~/myuserdrv/My\ Down[TAB]

might give me some insight where to look at plugging the leak?

Eric Blake    +1-801-349-2682
Libvirt virtualization library

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