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Re: Issue with SCP and SSH on Windows 7

Jeremy, I don't know who you are, but I don't feel uncomfortable saying I
love you. Thank you so much for the help, cleared the issue right up.

Jeremy Bopp-3 wrote:
> On 5/6/2011 12:54, Metroshica wrote:
>> I have recently written a script in Windows Server Edition 2008 that
>> SSHes
>> into a few linux servers, and then uses SCP to copy a file out of them.
>> The
>> issue I'm having is with SSH keys getting set up, and cygwin trying to
>> create a .ssh directory in the C:/ directory, instead of where cygwin is
>> located.
> Check to make sure that you don't have the HOME environment variable
> configured to C:.  If it is, you need to remove it just in case, but you
> may try adding it back once you get things working.  Next, you need to
> check that the user account used to run scp has an entry in the
> /etc/passwd file within the Cygwin installation:
> grep ^the_user: /etc/passwd
> That won't output anything if the_user does not have an entry in that
> file.  Otherwise, you'll see the record for the_user.  If you see such a
> record, take a look at the path that appears between the last and second
> to last colons in the line.  That path is the home directory that Cygwin
> programs such as the SSH tools will use.  Set it to a Cygwin-style path
> that points to the proper location.
> If the grep command doesn't output anything, you can add an appropriate
> entry by running the following from the bash shell:
> mkpasswd -u the_user -d >>/etc/passwd
> If the account is *not* a domain account, use this instead:
> mkpasswd -u the_user -l >>/etc/passwd
> These changes should correct the issue by allowing the SSH family of
> programs to correctly find the user's home directory as configured under
> Cygwin.
>> I'm running this program through the standard windows command
>> prompt, not cygwin's shell, as it is an automated process, and I don't
>> know
>> how to automatically run a program in cygwin. Anyone know how I can
>> change
>> the home directory to be C:/cygwin/home/user instead of the base C:/ dir,
>> or
>> anyone know how to automatically run a script in cygwin? Thanks for the
>> help.
> You should be fine with running things directly from Windows programs,
> including the command prompt, unless you need extra environment settings
> provided by Cygwin to login shells.  Since you're otherwise running
> things successfully apparently, don't worry about changing this part.
> -Jeremy
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