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Re: can modify file on network drive, but cannot create files

Hi Thomas,

Thanks a  lot!

On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 9:33 AM, Thomas Wolff <> wrote:
> OK, in your first message you wrote you can delete but not create files
> which would have been strange.

I'm sorry that my bad command of English confused you. This is what I
wanted to say:

Cygwin can modify and delete, but not create files.

> That you can neither delete nor create files (but still existing files) is
> actually more normal (in terms of Unix-like permission).
> Just check the permissions of the directory, they should include write
> access for you. If you are the owner, you can easily change that with chmod

$ chmod +w /cygdrive/h/Temp
chmod: changing permission of 'Temp': Permission denied.

Thanks to your hint, I went on investigating:
$ ls -l /cygdrive/h/
-rwx------+ 1 myusername             mkpasswd  0 May 10 22:19 Temp

I think the problem lies in the mkpasswd part of the ownership. In
UNIX, mkpasswd would be the owner group of the folder. How about in

> +w /cygdrive/h. If you are not the owner of your own network directory, ask
> your server administrator to fix that.

Yes, I think I have to talk to him about it. ;)


> ------
> Thomas
>> On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 9:12 AM, Thomas Wolff<> Âwrote:
>>>> Hi Cygwiners,
>>>> I need a hint.
>>>> The network drive (\server\) is mounted as H:\.
>>>> Cygwin can access files on H drive; can modify/delete files on H
>>>> drive; however, it cannot create files. The program says permission
>>>> denied.
>>>> Do I need to write some configuration files?
>>>> Xianwen
>>> What kind of network file system is it?
>>> Assuming a Unix-like permission system, it is quite surprising that you
>>> can
>>> delete files but not create any.
>>> Or maybe you can delete (and create) files in a subdirectory but not
>>> create
>>> (and delete) in the root directory H:\?
>>> Otherwise it might be due to some unusual ACL settings on the remote
>>> side,
>>> or maybe you have exceeded your quota (amount of allowed capacity) on the
>>> remote server? Ask the administrator.
>>> ------
>>> Thomas
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