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File Name Case Sensitivity & Globbing! Was: file system name case insensitivity issue: Possible inclusion for the FAQ or User Manual?

> You got that wrong. The CYGWIN=glob:... option only affects how
> globbing is performed on the command line arguments if the Cygwin
> process has been started from a native Windows process.  Full stop.

I acknowledged *my* MISTAKE. I do so again.

> Now, actual filename case sensitivity is an entirely different issue.
> This is handled by a registry setting, the ability of the underlying
> filesystems to handle filenames case sesitive, and the settings of
> the Cygwin mount point:

I acknowledged this point as well in my initial post, and why I reject it.

The point remains:

  Globbing is case sensitive while full command name
    invocation/full filename use is not. And, you may never have
    been confused by that, but I maintain it's very confusing. I'm
    not asking that it be "fixed", I'm asking that it be carefully
    documented, and I'm not asking anyone but me to do it. If it is
    so documented, I missed it. And, I read and reread that part of
    the manual before posting both times.

I offered an example session transcript that made that perfectly
clear, and I am willing to write that up however you want it.
Thus far, you've made clear you don't want it. No further replies
will be required if my last "read" is correct.

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