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RE: Commands slow in wait_sig.

> Nothing in the above indicates that there is a problem in wait_sig.
> The delta times in an strace do not mean "This is how long an operation
> took". They just indicate the number of microseconds since the last
> update to strace output.
> What the above says is:
> 1) wait_sig is about to call ReadFile. It has been 9743 microseconds
> since strace last reported anytinng.
> 2) There was a lag of 342445 microseconds before something happened in
> main. That could be symptomatic of the problem which the 8/01 snapshot
> works around. Or not.
> If it is only happening on one system that obviously points to BLODA.
> cgf

Marco, cgf, Thanks for the reply.
I don't use bash-completion.
$ cygcheck -cd bash-completion
Cygwin Package Information
Package????????????? Version
I do use symantec antivirus which is in the BLODA list. I disabled it and observed a little performance improvement.
????? 2 Thu Aug? 4 09:41:55???? 2011
????? 1 Thu Aug? 4 09:41:56???? 2011
????? 2 Thu Aug? 4 09:41:57???? 2011
????? 1 Thu Aug? 4 09:41:58???? 2011
????? 2 Thu Aug? 4 09:41:59???? 2011
????? 1 Thu Aug? 4 09:42:00???? 2011
????? 2 Thu Aug? 4 09:42:01???? 2011

But not dramatically. Other PCs I have also have symantec antivirus and no problem. Also in the problem PC symantec antivirus 
had been installed from the beginning and no performance issue was seen before. So I doubt symantec is the main contributor 
to the command delay. But since no other systems with the same dll level do no see the problem, I think it is possible there 
may be other software that interfares cygwin's work. Is there any good way to find a specific BLODA that is having main effect
to my PC?

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