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Re: Commands slow in wait_sig.

On 8/4/2011 3:59 AM, texas salsa wrote:

Nothing in the above indicates that there is a problem in wait_sig.
The delta times in an strace do not mean "This is how long an operation
took". They just indicate the number of microseconds since the last
update to strace output.

What the above says is:

1) wait_sig is about to call ReadFile. It has been 9743 microseconds
since strace last reported anytinng.

2) There was a lag of 342445 microseconds before something happened in
main. That could be symptomatic of the problem which the 8/01 snapshot
works around. Or not.

If it is only happening on one system that obviously points to BLODA.



Marco, cgf, Thanks for the reply.

I don't use bash-completion.
$ cygcheck -cd bash-completion
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version
I do use symantec antivirus which is in the BLODA list. I disabled it and observed a little performance improvement.

       2 Thu Aug  4 09:41:55     2011
       1 Thu Aug  4 09:41:56     2011
       2 Thu Aug  4 09:41:57     2011
       1 Thu Aug  4 09:41:58     2011
       2 Thu Aug  4 09:41:59     2011
       1 Thu Aug  4 09:42:00     2011
       2 Thu Aug  4 09:42:01     2011

But not dramatically. Other PCs I have also have symantec antivirus and no problem. Also in the problem PC symantec antivirus had been installed from the beginning and no performance issue was seen before. So I doubt symantec is the main contributor to the command delay. But since no other systems with the same dll level do no see the problem, I think it is possible there may be other software that interfares cygwin's work. Is there any good way to find a specific BLODA that is having main effect to my PC?


the only real way is to remove the software and check for improvment.
Antivirus are bad beasts, in one case I saw the disabled AV worst than the active one.


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