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Re: /etc/fstab

On 8/11/2011 2:46 AM, Fergus wrote:
I think the required line in /etc/fstab is
none / cygdrive user,posix=0 0 0
but actually (here, ages ago, shortly after 1.7 was first presented) I
deleted /etc/fstab entirely*.
To achieve your particular purpose, which I like too, I just have
/bin/mount -c "/"
in ~/.bashrc, so that C:\ is /c/, E:\ is /e/, and so on.
* I haven't a clue what this file does or why it matters. But nothing seems
broken. Not that I am recommending this approach (I'm not in any position to
recommend anything) -- but it works fine for me and has permanently removed
a nagging worry (as in "What Is This and Why Does It Seem To Matter So Much?")

Fergus, since you have a process that works for you, my response is not so much directed at you as to anyone else that might find this thread in the archives. If anyone has a similar question about '/etc/fstab' and its purpose, please see the Cygwin User's Guide section on it:


-- Larry


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