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Re: Problem

On 8/13/2011 5:00 PM, John Dzielski wrote:
I have cygwin installed on a VMWare VM running Windows 7 on a Mac running
OSX 10.6. I am unable to get name resolution to work with ssh. The command
ssh X returns the error "ssh: could not resolve hostname X: Non-recoverable
failure in name resolution." The command nslookup X returns a valid IP
address. I found the link below, and several others that reference the
problem, but no solution. Is there a solution to this problem?

I do not have this problem with machines running XP either on VMs or
natively. I've created a partial workaround in my .bashrc file that creates
variables containing the IP addresses of the names I need to resolve. This
solution doesn't work with svn working copies if the repository has a
dynamic address because the IP address of the repository at checkout will be
coded in the .svn/entries file. If the IP address of the svn server changes
I'm won't be able to perform svn operations.

Have you talked to the VMWare folks about this? It does seem like an odd issue that only affects name resolution on VMware with Win7.

-- Larry


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