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Contributing license information?

Soon, I will have prepared a list of the location of every license file in every Cygwin package. My motivation is to make it easy for people to find the license information, if they need it.

(Preparing this information has required a lot of work on my part, so I would be happy if something could be done to make it easy to keep the information up to date as packages are added and modified.)

What is the best way to contribute the license-location information so it can be integrated into Cygwin? I have *imagined* that it would be by adding a field to every package in setup.ini, something like:

license: "relative-path-to-first-license

That seems neat to me, since the information is per-package, and AFAIK per-package information is stored only in sestup.ini.

If the right way is to modify setup.ini to hold the license info, would the new setup.ini require a new setup.exe, or does setup.exe ignore information in setup.ini that it doesn't know about?

But I gather that setup.ini is created from other data sources via a program called "upset".

Anyway, what is the right way to contribute this information?



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