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Re: install on win7 enterprise, can't modify bash start up shortcut

Sorry, I didn't reply correctly when I first tired to send this.

This was simply modifying the shortcut that starts the bash window.

If you double click on the Cygwin icon on the desktop, it starts a bash shell. If you click on the small Cygwin icon, upper left on the top window bar, you can select properties. This gives you a window to modify properties of the bash shell window such as the size, font color, font size, etc. When you close after your modifications, there was always an option to apply the changes to the current window only, or to modify the shortcut that started the window.

I have always done this as soon as I installed cygwin. This time, I got the aforementioned error message. I am not sure what to do to allow me to modify the bash window on a permanent basis. If the shortcut isn't there, that would imply that the install may not have gone correctly, but I have installed two or three times (in different locations), trying to correct this, but the results are the same. I have had other issues with win 7 where software could not write to files in their own install directories. This seems especially prevalent with apps that don't make registry entries. I was wondering if something similar was in play.

The cygwin icon points to Cygwin.bat, so I presume there are some arguments in the script that configure the shell. I could try to manually edit the .bat, but I'm not sure what I would change to get the window modifications I am looking for.


Thorsten Kampe wrote:
* LMH (Wed, 17 Aug 2011 21:59:12 -0400)
I have just installed 1.7 on win7 enterprise 64 bit and I tried to
modify the shortcut that starts the bash window and I get a windows
error message,

"can't modify the shortcut
make sure it has not been deleted or renamed"

Why on earth and in which way would you want to modify a shortcut?? If it points to a non-existing target than delete it and re-create manually. Or run setup again which should do the same.


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