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Re: install on win7 enterprise, can't modify bash start up shortcut

* LMH (Fri, 19 Aug 2011 12:50:01 -0400)
> If you click on the small Cygwin icon, upper left on the top window
> bar, you can select properties. This gives you a window to modify
> properties of the bash shell window such as the size, font color, font
> size, etc.

You're not modifying the bash shell but the terminal bash is running in.

> I have always done this as soon as I installed cygwin. This time, I
> got the aforementioned error message. I am not sure what to do to
> allow me to modify the bash window on a permanent basis.

Why don't you just run the batch file directly (and not through the 
shortcut) and modify it then?
> The cygwin icon points to Cygwin.bat, so I presume there are some
> arguments in the script that configure the shell.

Is there any religious taboo that would prevent you from opening the 
batch script in an editor and see that you're wrong?

> I could try to manually edit the .bat, but I'm not sure what I would
> change to get the window modifications I am looking for.

You are confusing a terminal and the shell it runs in. Actually, it 
would make sense to directly configure the cmd terminal (via "defaults") 
because you probably want the changes in all Windows terminal windows 


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