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problem with bash recognizing c-file with cygwin under eclipse


I am using Cygwin under Eclipse C/C++. I am trying to compile/run a
simple c program with gcc, but the file is not found by the bash
shell. Neither gcc or ls -la can find the .c file but ls does show the
other contents of the project directory. I'm going crazy not being
able to find out why the file is not recognized. Its there in the
eclipse tree and in windows explorer..

heres the result of a irc chat on the #bash channel

appreciating any response on this..


<helpme> hi 2 all
<helpme> have problem with cygwin bash shell: ls -la does not recognize .c file
<helpme> but does list all other items in dir
<kon> not recognize?
<helpme> does not list test.c
<helpme> I use cygwin in eclipse c/c++ and test.c is a node in the
project tree - if this helps
<helpme> ls -la recognize all in project dir but test.c
<helpme> really weird
<kon> hmm indeed weird
<kon> i never used eclipse, does it maybe have some integrated filter?
<kon> this is not default bash behaviour
<helpme> integrated bash filter?
<helpme> doubt it
<helpme> maybe its a cygwin/c thing
<kon> yeah i thought maybe something like a set env var
<kon> could just be windows though yeah =)

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