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Re: Does not work well: rlwrap + rxvt + cmd

On 08/24/11 08:52, Ronald of Steiermark wrote:
On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 08:39 -0700, "Andrew DeFaria"<>
I would like to run cmd.exe within a rxvt terminal on Windows 7.
My question is why? Why do you want to run cmd.exe?
For instance, to test the cruel BAT files which we are going to deliver.
How 'bout: $ cmd /c cruel.bat

? Would you really need more?

I don't know. I stay way from .bat files...

I also find the cmd shell and command language inferior
Language? I wouldn't even call this crap a "language"...
I was being kind.

in that there's
nothing special or even convenient in cmd that can't be done even
quicker and better in bash.
Yep, though right now I'm fancying zsh.
Where it makes sense, it's always good to go with what a lot of people go with. How many Solaris machines have zsh installed?

But we are all slaves to those who pay us...
I pay myself! I'm incorporated and I employ myself. I hate being my own slave but it does have it's advantages. The "boss", however, can be a real a-hole if you know what I mean! ;-)

That said, and if you're hellbent on using cmd.exe, I
vaguely recall another terminal emulator program (not a Cygwin thing
mind you) called, I believe just "Terminal" (Good luck googling that!)
which (insert fuzzy memory here) I believe used a hidden cmd console
window to allow the Windows program the proper console environment while
translating that to the non-hidden Terminal window. That might work...
Thanks a lot, will look it up.


Andrew DeFaria <>
The big difference between sex for money and sex for free Is that sex for money usually costs a lot less!

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