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Re: setup.exe: force installation of specific package versions?

> >There are some packages for which
> >the "current" versions are broken, at least for me, so I want to keep the
> >"prev" or some other already-installed version of the package.  Is there a
> >way to specify in the setup invocation that I want a particular version of
> >a particular package?
> How about if we just fix the broken packages?

Fixing a broken package is of course better.  But while I post a bug
report, discuss it with the package maintainer and/or upstream developer,
and wait for a fix to be released, meanwhile I'd like to be able to run
setup without always having to manually dial back the version number of
that package.

For example, the bug that makes openssh 5.8p1 unusable for me was reported
in Ubuntu back in January [1].  No doubt it will get fixed eventually, but
no fix seems to be in sight, and for now I need to use 5.6p1.  Fortunately,
setup supports that, since 5.6p1 is the prev version.  What setup doesn't
seem to support yet is automatically specifying which packages I'd like to
keep at their prev or some other versions.

bzr 2.4.0 has several problems, and rather than grapple with them I'd
rather just stick with 2.3.1 until another 2.4.x comes out.


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