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RE: setup.exe: force installation of specific package versions?

Andrew Schulman sent the following at Wednesday, October 05, 2011 12:01 PM
>I run setup unattended as e.g.
>setup.exe --quiet-mode --packages aria2,atool,autoconf,...
>This works great, except for one thing: There are some packages for
>which the "current" versions are broken, at least for me, so I want
>to keep the "prev" or some other already-installed version of the
>package. Is there a way to specify in the setup invocation that I want a
>particular version of a particular package?
>For example, I'd like to write
>setup.exe --quiet-mode --packages bzr=2.3.1-1,openssh=prev,...
>I've tried to run that, but it doesn't work - everything between the =
>and the next comma is ignored. So the current versions of those packages
>always get installed.
>Is there a way to do this that's not documented yet? If not, is there
>any inclination to add it?

I have not tested either of the following.  These are just ideas.  YMMV.

Presumably, you already have the packages that you wish to keep as prev.

How about after --packages listing only packages that you are willing
to upgrade, i.e., omit those packages that you don't want updated?
Does that work for you?

I suppose that the above might not work if you are trying to preserve
something that is not listed but is pulled in as a dependency.

Otherwise, you might consider trying to do it in stages.
  1.  Do a download with setup.
  2.  Have a script that looks in the directories of packages that you
      want to preserve and deletes everything that isn't the desired
  3.  Do a local install with setup.

Good luck,

- Barry
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