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Re: stdio.h: broken standard compliance.

Christopher Faylor writes:
The cygwin mailing list does not set Reply-To.  It does set

Effectively, there is no difference.

This is an idiotic header that is defined by a 1998 IETF draft
that was never approved, as far as I can find.

This *DEAD* draft is here:

This document, in a nutshell, says "Reply-To is broken, so here is
a replacement". But the replacement is just as poor and not needed.
Reply-To is not broken; it's a tool for a specific job.

For a good discussion see:

(Highlight: ``Mail-Followup-To == more mess == even more brokenness.'')

According to this cretinous IETF draft, the new
header IS allowed to be set by mailing list expanders, unlike
Reply-To, which is just for authors. Good grief, look:

2.3 Mailing List action

A mailing list expander may insert the "Mail-Followup-To" header,
with a reference to the list, if there is no previous
"Mail-Followup-To" in the message. A mailing list expander
SHOULD NOT change an existing "Mail-Followup-To" header, since
this may reduce the set of recipients suggested in the original message.

This is still a very rude and completely unnecessary
thing for a mailing list expander to do.

But it does seem to provide an API for communicating with the list
by a nonsubscriber: set your own Mail-Followup-To header which
the list must respect, if it obeys what the above document.

This is even explicitly documented:

  2.2 Sender Action
  [ ... ]
  4. When a message is sent to a mailing list, which contains
     sublists, there is a risk that the sublists will insert
    "Reply-To" or "Mail-Follow-Up-To" headers referring to the
    sublist. If this happens, replies might be sent to the
    sublist, and thus not  reaching the full set of readers
    of the primary mailing list. Use of the "Mail-Followup-To"
    can be used by the author or the primary mailing list
    to stop sublists inserting "Mail-Followup-To" in the header.

Easier said than done for many people. Now you  need every
mail client to have the option to set the header, and for users
to have the prescience of knowing when it has to be used.
(Or sticking it into every outgoing message, just in case!)

Kindly, someone please fix the Cygwin mailing list not to add this idiotic nonstandard header described in a 13 year old dead IETF draft.

[rest of message snipped since it was based on an incorrect

That isn't a fair characterization of everything that the rest of the message was about.

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