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Re: rm -rf cannot delete the upmost directory level anymore on a Novell share

On Oct 20 15:57, Franz Sirl wrote:
> Am 2011-10-20 15:09, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
> >On Oct 20 13:50, Franz Sirl wrote:
> >>Am 2011-10-20 11:20, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
> >>>On Oct 19 18:43, Franz Sirl wrote:
> >>>>True. But on the other hand NWFS and NcFsd exercise a lot of pathes
> >>>>in the Cygwin sourcecode that aren't usually used.
> >>>
> >>>Not really a lot.  NWFS is known to have three problems:
> >>>
> >>>- The NtQueryInformationFile(FileBasicInformation) call fails.  This
> >>>   call is only used in circumstance which don't affect NWFS.
> >>
> >>I think that still fails with NcFsd, I'll check it.
> >
> >As I wrote, it's not used, so even if it fails, it's worth a
> >support case with Novell, but it doesn't mean we have to change
> >Cygwin.
> It fails with errorcode 0xc0000022, Access denied.

It might be worth a try to ask the Novell support why this occurs.
This is a bug, IMHO.  Since Vista, this call should even be supported
in the Win32 API, using the call

  GetFileInformationByHandleEx (fhdl, FileBasicInfo, &fbi, sizeof fbi);

> >>>- NWFS only supports filenames which follow DOS conventions.  That is,
> >>>   it does not support filenames with leading spaces or trailing dots and
> >>>   spaces.  This is only checked for when generating filenames.
> >>
> >>Leading and trailing spaces seem to work, trailing dots fail with
> >>"Permission denied".
> >
> >So we still have to assume that only DOS filenames work.
> Hmm, I wonder if I should file at least a low priority enhancement
> request for that.
> >>>- NWFS does not support re-opening a file by handle, so it always has to
> >>>   be re-opened by name.  The only difference here is how the
> >>>   OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES is created, with a handle or with a name.
> >>
> >>I've worked with Novell to fix that one for NcFsd, will be in one of
> >>the next releases (IR10 or IR11 I guess).
> >
> >Cool, but I think that NcFsd should still be subsumed under NWFS.
> >The fact that re-opening doesn't quite work isn't such a big problem,
> >and by using the OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES with a name we can support older
> >versions of NcFsd as well.
> Older versions of NcFsd have even more problems with Cygwin, so
> supporting them doesn't really make sense. It only works reasonable
> since this years June release. I would prefer to keep this code path
> exercised :-).

Hmm, that should be possible.  But keep in mind that this does not
have a better performance on all filesystems.

> >Are you ok if I send you an URL to a test DLL via PM for this issue?
> >I would add the "handle NcFsd as NWFS" as well to this DLL, otherwise
> >it would be identical to the latest snapshot, which should be available
> >now, btw.
> Sure, PM me the URL. [...]

Thanks, but not today anymore.


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