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Re: exim-4.76-1 fails to remove lock ... and Cygwin xterm and emacs-X11 broken...

Thank you so much for your help. I'm doing this right now... Perhaps this will 
fix my X11 problems (with xterm and emacs-X11) as well... Let's see... 
bunzipped... moved... stopped Cygwin servers... renamed /bin/cygwin1.dll... 
restarted servers... (they work)... Cygwin shell ... works... sent mail to 
myself from another machine and... it WORKS! The lock file has been removed from 

/var/spool/mail and the mail has been delivered. Wonderful. How about... 
xterm... yepp this works too, with readline and command completion, emacs-X11, 
yepp, shell process forked nicely, works.

So many problems fixed with just this one little change! 

Thanks again,

From: Pierre A. Humblet 
Subject: RE: exim-4.76-1 fails to remove lock from spooler on delivery

Hi Gustav,

1)Go to
2)Download the latest cygwin1-XXX.dll.bz2 (perhaps ask Corinna for one that is 
known to work. In my experience most do.)
3)Bunzip it, chmod it to executable by all and place it in /bin.
4)Kill all Cygwin processes
5)From Windows (cmd or explorer) rename the existing cygwin1.dll to something 
else, and conversely rename the new cygwin1-XXX.dll to cygwin1.dll 
6)Restart Cygwin
In case of trouble reverse step 5. There is no downside risk.


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