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cygwin > 1.7.9: Segmentation faults / STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW


I have the problem that I get a segmentation fault on the newer versions of the cygwin1.dll when debugging and a STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW exception when running without debugger.
I did an update of my cygwin stuff on Monday, and I'm using the latest snapshot dll. I'm quite sure it has something to do with the dll, because I did clean and rebuild with newest
cygwin versions. Since this wasn't working, I got my old dll (from 29.03.2011) and it worked again. ?I tried some other snapshot versions (up to 04.06.2011, since there are no old ones),
but none of them worked.

If I can get older snapshot versions, I might be able to track it down. But then again stack problems are hard to catch.
I compiled my code with -fstack-protector-all --param ssp-buffer-size=4, but this didn't help me so far (well, maybe I'm not using it right.).

Stacktrace of the first segmentation fault:
Thread [11] 0 (Suspended : Signal : SIGSEGV:Segmentation fault)????????? 
_alloca() at ../../../libgcc/../gcc/config/i386/cygwin.asm:45 0x6116fd02	
__small_vswprintf() at /netrel/src/cygwin-snapshot-20120202-1/winsup/cygwin/ 0x610dbdfe	

Another segmentation fault:
It can be triggered with my program after continuing when the firs tsegmentation fault.
I wasn't able to step into XCP_XmlResp_Ok. I checked the address of XCP_XmlResp_Ok, it stays the same from the program start.

Thread [19] 0 (Suspended : Signal : SIGSEGV:Segmentation fault)????????? 
??????????????? _alloca() at /gnu/gcc/releases/respins/4.5.3-3/gcc4-4.5.3-3/src/gcc-4.5.3/libgcc/../gcc/config/i386/cygwin.asm:45 0x44ca42???????????? 
??????????????? XCP_XmlResp_Ok() at /cygdrive/c/.../XmlConfigParsing.c:2.278 0x409310?? 
??????????????? _fu82____stack_chk_guard() at /cygdrive/c/.../XmlConfigParsing.c:517 0x4051c2?? 
??????????????? _fu80____stack_chk_guard() at /cygdrive/c/.../XmlConfigParsing.c:166 0x404632?? 
??????????????? _fu434____stack_chk_guard() at /cygdrive/c/.../TcpIpServer.c:331 0x41843e?????????? 
??????????????? _fu427____stack_chk_guard() at /cygdrive/c/.../TcpIpServer.c:82 0x4179fb????????????? 
??????????????? pthread::thread_init_wrapper() at 0x610fa5d2??????????????? 
??????????????? thread_wrapper() at 0x61085482??????????? 


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