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postinstall reboots system; saving settings for reinstall?


Earlier today I was updating my cygwin installation (WinXP, cygwin 1.7
as of a couple weeks ago) when the computer suddenly rebooted.
Because there were so other things running at the time I assumed it
was just bad mojo, but after doing things slow and methodical-like, I
narrowed it down to a cygwin setup.exe postinstall step.  It's 100%
reproducible -- but I don't know which package is triggering it (as
the setup display is changing so quickly just before it all goes
black) or how far all the successful steps were (as the log file isn't
written out yet).

I started to gather cygcheck info to bring to this list for help...
but cygcheck segfaults as soon as it gets to the "Cygwin Package
Information" part.  So I'm thinking the installation ishosed at this
point, and I need to remove it all and reinstall from scratch, which
is fine.

But I've installed quite a few non-default packages since 1.7 came
out, plus some mount points and other customization bits.  Is there a
way to dump a listing of that stuff so that I can have something to
refer to afterwards, when I'm setting it all back up?  I could swear
I've seen command line to do things like "print a list of installed
packages" but searching the mailing list archives gets either zero
hits or a hojillion irrelevant hits.


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