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Re: base-files problem

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 12:22:25PM -0600, René Berber wrote:
> Hi,
> The changes in base-files deleted everything from /etc/skel, I
> re-installed 4.0-9 and still nothing.
> I can see in the package list that there should be the usual files
> there, did some post-install script deleted those files?
> Anyone seen the same problem? (i.e. your bash prompt changed, no longer
> shows the current directory).
> Any idea what is causing this?  It started yesterday after I updated a
> few packages, base-files was not even listed as installed, which is
> strange, I then re-installed it.

I have just updated a box from base-files-4.0-6 to 4.0-9 and
everything worked as expected. I tried both with locally modified and
unmodified skel files.

$ grep base-files /etc/defaults/etc/skel/.*
/etc/defaults/etc/skel/.bash_profile:# base-files version 4.0-9
/etc/defaults/etc/skel/.bashrc:# base-files version 4.0-9
/etc/defaults/etc/skel/.inputrc:# base-files version 4.0-9
/etc/defaults/etc/skel/.profile:# base-files version 4.0-9

The process of checking wether the files have to be replaced has not
changed since 4.0-4 (march 2011) at least. And IIRC, it was barely the
same in the 3.x version as well.

If reinstalling fails as well, does an error get printed?

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