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Re: base-files problem

On 2/16/2012 4:14 PM, David Sastre Medina wrote:

> PS1 is set and exported in /etc/profile

Which was also replaced.

>> I also lost PROMPT_COMMAND which also showed the current
>> directory.
> The default PROMPT_COMMAND is set (commented) in skeletal
> .bash_profile to 'history -a', which has nothing to do with showing
> your PWD.

> The test in the preremove step is done comparing the files under 
> /etc/skel against those under /etc/defaults/etc/skel. If locally 
> modified /etc/skel/* files have been removed, that's unexpected.

Since it appears that I changed something, and it was long ago so I
don't remember if it was /etc/profile or /etc/skel/.bashrc we can't
tell for sure what was the problem.

> But there is no way installing base-files could partially modify
> your /etc/skel/* files. Even if they were wrongly replaced, you
> should have exactly version 4.0-9 files, not partially modified
> ones.

I have replaced files, not the old ones which I'm sure where there,
but I'm not sure if there was a modified .bashrc (I usually don't
change any of the others).

Thanks for your help.
René Berber

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