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Re: cygrunsrv doesn't stop service during reboot

2012/2/20 Corinna Vinschen:
> Did you check your log? ?Do you see any of these messages? ?If not,
> I assume that the shutdown kills the service process so fast that it
> has no chance for the cleanup. ?Which is kind of weird in case of
> preshutdown, given that you're supposed to have 3 minutes, at least
> by default...

I check the System log and found this error-line:
The CYGWIN rsyncd service did not shut down properly after receiving a
preshutdown control.

> Interesting. ?Given that 2003 doesn't support the control message
> SERVICE_CONTROL_PRESHUTDOWN, it's kind of strange that it works on 2003
> but not on 2008R2. ?Did you try to reinstall your rsyncd service without
> the -O option, so that the service acts on the SERVICE_CONTROL_SHUTDOWN
> message instead?

Given the error above, I will try to install the service without the
-O. Should I replace it with a -o or is that default behavior? The
cygrunsrv --help is a bit confusing to me.

Another thing that I thought of was that maybe the -f of the shutdown
command is affecting the process. I will try to test that. But since
this is a production server, I have to wait for the evening to be able
to reboot that server.


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